Calculate Your SnapDice Pledge Total

Please choose all the options below to determine the amount to pledge for your SnapDice rolling tray.
This calculator will help you determine how much your total pledge needs to be on Kickstarter for the various options you want in your SnapDice tray. After calculating, go to the Kickstarter page and make your pledge. After the campaign we will send you a survey to gather the information about what type of wood you ordered and any other upgrades.

Your pledge total: $.
Please go to our Kickstarter page and pledge $ to get your awesome reward!
Note to International Backers:
You will not be charged any shipping or duty taxes on the Kickstarter pledge. Instead, you will just make the pledge amount for just your reward on Kickstarter. After the campaign, we will setup a free GoSend account for you, a $100 value. GoSend will make sure you get the best rate on your shipping and have control over when it gets shipped and how the duties are paid. See our campaign page for more details.

Below are some sample estimates for international shipping charges:
Country           Pledge Amount           Shipping (estimated)           VAT (estimated)          
France $149 $24 $30
Australia $149 $0 $29
New Zealand* $149 $22 $22
Japan $149 $12 $23
United Kingdom           $149 $30 $22
Germany $149 $28 $15
Singabpore $149 $10 $40

Please contact GoSend if you have any specific inqiries about your shipping costs to your country based on your pledge amount:
*unable to pre-pay VAT in these countries.